Falling for a client

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Falling for a client

My English might not be as good as some of the ladies as it is not my first language but I will give it a go and reveal one of my dirtiest secrets at the moment; I am falling for a client!

Last Friday I saw once again this high-profile client who books me for a two-hour session every time he's in town. He's in his mid-50, very charming and extremely fit, just the type of guy who knows how to impress a girl at a first glance.

Once my working room door was locked, the mind-blowing sex session began! We gently and passionately kissed with our clothes on. He told me how much he missed me and how he couldn't get me out of his head. I replied with a sweet smile and started to undress him. As soon as I unbuttoned his white shirt, I could marvel at those perfect six pack of his. God! I was already horny for this guy within seconds. He's hot, a great kisser, a nice gent with a massive cock. What else to ask?

When I realize we were both naked on my bed and then he did the usual; more passionate kisses, looking straight into my eyes then gentle kisses on my neck that sent goose bumps all over my body. He couldn't miss my nipples and he took a long time sucking them alternatively. It wasn't too long when he finally reached my crotch. And this guy knows how to hit my spot like no one else does. Going down on a girl is an art as we all know how different we are. What is perfect for one, it is a no-no for others.

Anyway, I like it nice and slow, licking me up and down, clit then vulva, instead of just focusing on my clit. And that's the way he did with me, only stopping a good twenty minutes later when I exploded with pleasure and my pussy was pulsing like a thousand times per minute. I wondered if his tongue had gone numb. It's only then that he got on top of me and forced that beautiful thick and hard cock of his inside me. I was still recuperating from my last orgasm but feeling him inside me, on top of me, fucking me so damn well with such a passion just got me going again. I can't get enough of this guy. Missionary position was all that was needed as we are two people who genuinely like to fuck each other.

He took his time fucking me, making sure his fantastic abs and lower body were rubbing against my naked body, stimulating my clit. This time it took me no more than 5 minutes to come again. It's so amazing the way he takes control of the situation. I feel like a sex slave and I love it as I am truly the submissive type! I am there to serve him but he also makes sure to serve me as much so I am his, full stop. By then, he wanted to reach climax but not before I reached mine at least 3-4 times within the two hours. So he stopped the love-making and needless to say, I was weak on my knees and down on me he went again! Gosh, what a trooper! My clit was so sensitive at that moment I thought I couldn't take another session of oral on me but he knew what he was doing and sooner than later I had a third orgasm in this guy's mouth. I was breathless, speechless... This guy knows he might be the one paying but he owns me. He looked at me with a grin on his face and said I tasted like honey then he came up to my eye level and while staring at me, he just forced his cock inside of me abruptly. I was literally screaming to the point I thought my neighbors (a good mile away) could hear me damn well. He pulled my hair softly, kissed my neck and just fucked me harder and harder till we both climax at the same time. I was literally shivering and so was him.

We both embraced each other for a short time then the odd question popped out of his mouth: He's been divorced for 8 years and since then avoided relationships at all costs, seeking pleasure with working girls, no attachments, no strings. Now he thinks it's time to settle down and he thinks I could be the one! He's been texting me on a daily basis saying how much he adores me and misses me and wants me bad. I have quite a few regulars like that and even though I treat them with the due respect for the sake of business, with this guy is completely different as I am falling for him big time. In an attempt to stop his moves, I said there's no chance in this world I'd stop my work until I accomplish a few goals and that even if he offered me the same amount of money I wouldn't accept it (Have done that mistake before).

I like to have my money, be independent without having to nag a guy all the time (leave that for 'desperate housewives', with no disrespect) and explain why I needed to spend 100 dollars on a Brazilian waxing and threading, for instance.

The problem here is that he said he would be ok with my job, no worries. Hay? It's got to be a joke I bet!

jamis 3 years ago
yea that got me racing alright good for you