Dream Lover

Standart United Kingdom
Dream Lover

"How the fuck did I get into this"? was the thought running through my mind. I had been hired to provide the entertainment at a 40th birthday party being held at a chartered club and nothing had gone right. To start with I had been late getting to the gig to set up due to a personal issue at home. When I arrived at the venue and was setting up the sound system I received a text from the lead guitarist saying he and the bass player I had arranged for the night couldn't make it. That just left me and a drummer, and I don't play lead guitar only rhythm. How the hell was I going to complete the gig with half a band?

Fortunately the music wasn't so bad. Reverting to full strumming instead of playing riffs and patterns covered the lack of lead breaks and bass, while the use of a chorus, delay and way-wah pedal covered the instrumental breaks. What was annoying me was that the men present had prevailed on the bar staff to turn on the big TV to watch a rugby game. The only good thing about the evening were the ladies, half a dozen hot and steamy women dancing right in front of me. Still, I had to do something to liven up both the audience and my performance, which I knew was starting to flag during the first set.

One of them I could not keep my eyes off. Mid 30's, tall, dark haired and olive completion. My ideal type. In addition she was busty and clearly not wearing a bra as her low cut dress showed off. It was time for me to have some fun.

I always use a cordless setup with my guitar as I don't like the lead getting tangled at my feet. I had also set up a headset microphone for my party piece, which involves moving out among the crowd while performing. It was just a matter of the right song, which was coming up.

Grabbing the headset from alongside the mixer I clipped the transmitter to my belt and turned it on before starting the intro to "Dream Lover". Stepping off the stage I made a beeline for the woman who had caught my attention, looking right into her eyes as I sang the first words "Every night I hope and pray, a dream lover will come my way".

Now this trick usually results on one of two things happening. Either the lady pulls back, turns away and leaves the dance floor, or she plays along and starts dancing in front of me. This time there was a shocked look in her eyes and screeches from her friends before, instead of turning away, she stepped forward and started to dance right in front of me. At this point I have to say I'm not a confident dancer, I just don't know what to do with my arms, but this time I was playing guitar with my hands, and as usual my shoulders and whole upper body was moving in time to the beat. When she moved behind me and placed her arms over my shoulders I was in heaven, her large well formed breasts pushing into my back.

By the time the song was ending and I was stepping back up onto the stage I was rock hard, and very thankful that in the dim lighting and behind the guitar it was not too obvious. The two questions in my mind were, could I get away with it again and what songs in the set list were most appropriate. The set closer, The Beatles' I Wanna Hold Your Hand, was a no brainer.

As I hit the first chord I stepped off he stage again, this time I found four woman dancing in front of me and I had my pick. Unfortunately my first choice wasn't one of them, she had disappeared!

Ending the song I pulled off the headset and put it to one side before placing my guitar on its stand before heading to the bar to refill my glass. While standing a the bar I felt the familiar sensation of a pair of breasts pushing into my back while something soft was placed in my hand.

"Hi. I'm Shelly" said a soft voice as I turned around and looked into a pair of bright brown eyes. Introducing myself I glanced down to see a pair of panties in my hand. Looking up again I saw a fantastic smile and a glint in those eyes that found me getting hard again. Shoving the panties into my pocket I started to talk to Shelly while picking up my drink and moving away from the bar. After a few minutes of introductory talk she asked me what other songs I was going to sing to her that night. "Well you're going to have to stick around and see" was my reply.

One of the things I always pride myself on when performing, is starting on time and keeping to time throughout the evening. Nothing is worse to me than band members who are not there ready to go on time and I know that it can upset the people booking a band. Reluctantly I pulled myself away from Shelly and back to the stage where, picking up my guitar I moved towards the side room I had placed all the boxes in to check the tuning. (Anyone who has tried to tune a guitar in front of a talking crowd, or with a drummer resetting cymbals will know the problems. A room off to one side is a necessity).

I had only just plugged in the tuner when the door opened behind me. Turning around I saw Shelly. "So what are you doing"? She asked. "Tuning up" I replied. "Oh I thought you'd rather tune me up" came the reply as stepping towards me she turned and bent over raising her dress. Stepping forward I ran my hand gently up the inside of her thighs and onto a warm and very wet pussy which I immediately started to rub. There was no finesse or technique, almost before I knew it my pants were down and I was inside of her from behind reaching around to free her magnificent breasts.

Now usually it takes me a long time to reach orgasm, but this time it was only a few minutes before we were both shuddering together. It was such an intense relief after almost half an hour of anticipation. Recovering my breath I pulled up my pants while Shelly stood up, turned around and sat on a tabletop with her dress around her waist and her legs apart. While I pickup up my guitar and started tuning it again she told me how aroused she had found being sung to directly had made her. Pulling herself together she asked me to leave first and go back to the stage so she could leave the room after I started the next set. I offered her back her panties, however she told me to keep them as a reminder.

This was not the first time I sang to Shelly, nor was it our only sexual encounter. For the next two years, until I gave up regular gigging, she was my number one fan turning up at all of my pub and many of my private gigs. She often helped me set up and take down the sound system and my amp set ups, and many comments were made about her by my band mates. While nothing was as intense as that first encounter the resulting sex and intimacy was incredible, and I often played guitar and sang just for her.