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Rosie For Play

Over a period of about two years I have seen Rosie for play of Milton Keynes perhaps a dozen times. I can't fault any meet I have. Pretty girl next door type..size 16 curvy...with absolutely huge full heavy tits that are incredible. As a big boob lover needless to say I could cum my lot just at the mere sight of her. Friendly and approachable...first class clean escort and tho I can only compare a few other escorts she is way ahead the best. Her oral is simply the best. Highly recommend...!!!!


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Sexy grant

Visited Grant for the first time a week or so ago. He was very welcoming, made me feel very relaxed and he gave me a fantastic full body massage with a great happy ending. His oral skills are amazing, he's a great kisser and his cock is big! I'll definitely be visiting again.



Thank you sky , had a perfect time , amazing body , cim the works

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Sunni Rae

I decided to pick Sunni after she increased her online presence. Her new pictures were incredible and I liked that her website offered a "quick contact" to ask her questions without giving away anything beyond an email address. She easily could have answered my first question with a quick yes or no, but instead sent a very warm well thought out response. We exchanged some additional emails back and forth to work out the best time, and in all of them she was super friendly. Our rendezvous was scheduled for 2 days out which left me a bit anxious. I need not have worried. Three hours before our scheduled time, Sunni reached out to me to make sure everything was still a "go". Then she promised she would text when she left and when she parked. Put me completely at ease, with not only those two texts but an extra message right before she got in the elevator. Sunni arrived right on time. So like the woman in the Sears ad waiting for the store to open, I crowded against my door peeping through the eye viewer waiting for her. She was dressed in a cute little mini dress with knee high boots that must have had a 2 inch heel. It was an outfit that earned a "you look pretty" from the cleaning staff attending a nearby room as she made her way down the hall. And she does, a model like figure, her body is smoking hot. Her make-up was light and only highlighted her natural olive skin and beautiful features. I was over the moon pleased with how sexy she is. She came in and greeted me with a kiss hello and then began a bit of "get to know you" chit chat. She was great at leading the conversation and was happy to just be snuggled up together getting comfortable. In her ads, Sunni mentions she has many varied interests and I agree with her. Our conversation ran the gamut from science papers, to sci-fi, to authors, to TV series, to video games, to organic farming. And it wasn't like we were fishing for common ground; it was just a naturally flowing conversation. She was friendly, and when she smiles it lights up her whole face. On her website, Sunni talks about the elite status courtesans have held all over the world throughout history, promising that her engagements will be just as astounding. I loved the idea that she was offering to serve, and it fit in perfectly with my desires to be pampered like an ancient Roman Emperor. A glutton, on his throne being served grapes by a beautiful woman; a clichéd fantasy, perhaps, but one I decided I wanted to fulfill. We discussed a "checklist" of things that I wanted to complete for our session, and then she excused herself to the bathroom to take the donation and get prepared. As long as you are comfortable with her “safety” rules see her immediately, she is amazing! She came out in a cute little matched red bra and panty set with black stockings, she is fairly tall at 5'7", and once the sexy boots were off I decided I had to have her legs wrapped around me. I picked her up took her back to the bathroom and set her on the counter. She has a pert squeezable little ass. Some light kissing for a bit, and then I ordered her to draw me my bath. I had her scratch my back, massage my scalp, and loofah me with a body wash. I don't know if she realized, but as she was leaning over the tub I was able to get a perfect view of her ass in the mirror, so I kept making her grab odds and ends to enjoy the view. The entire time, Sunni kept active, either transitioning from requests as I made them or pacing the contact herself. With the bath water cooling, and as much as I enjoyed the sexy lingerie wear, I decided it was time to have her bare ass naked! So we both jumped into the shower. I used the body wash as an excuse to let my hands run all over her body. There is something so sensual about getting to wash and rinse soap suds off a beautiful woman. Her tits, wonderful on her frame, were a handful for my large hand. She has large erect nipples, and after soaping and rinsing, I feasted, sucked, and nibbled drawing out moans of excitement. Squeaky clean, we exited the shower and headed for the bed. Sunni proved she was attentive and caring, by remembering the next item on my “checklist.” Unprompted, she broke out the lotion and began to massage my feet. And this wasn’t some lame half ass attempt of little effort. She flexed and rolled my toes, dug into my heel, and worked the arch and ball of my foot like a pro. I don’t think she is a certified massage therapist, but I have had very few that were better than what Sunni provided. Once my feet were attended to, she transitioned into a full body sensual massage. I was putty in her hands, totally relaxed and completely enjoying the moment. But my time was quickly coming to an end. Sunni grabbed the lube, got down at the foot of the bed, and began a hand job. With one hand playing with my balls and the other stoking my cock her focus was entirely centered on my penis. Then, I must have moaned, or shuddered in pleasure, or something, because Sunni looked up at me for the first time since beginning the Handy and gave me her killer smile. Between rubbing me down in the bath, to massaging me all over on the bed, to then beating my cock like it stole something, she had been using her hands to work almost the entire session, and she was still happy to be performing. She rolled a condom on and began giving an incredible blow job. I know, many of you VIPs insist a GFE should be uncovered, but she does a great job. Sunni is not a clock watcher, and this may have been a “new guy” mistake, but I begrudgingly let her know that our time was up. Her response was, “But didn’t you want me to ride your cock, I can stay for another 20 minutes before I have to leave to meet up with friends.” I was floored that she would be so giving. I decided I couldn’t have the session end without exploring her a little more, so I had her flip around to 69. Her pussy is bare, and beautiful, and she was happy to rock back and forth while I enjoyed dining. I popped, and she rolled off me and rubbed my chest for a bit, then went and retrieved a wash cloth for me to use. I was already over time, and pushing her past the extra 20 minutes, so she quickly got dressed. But once clothed, she came back over to the bed, a few more light kisses, Thank yous all around, and then she left. I will absolutely repeat. Sunni is incredibly friendly, and willing to bust ass for her donation.

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