Escort Yogaguy  , London Escort, United Kingdom
Escort Yogaguy  , London Escort, United Kingdom

You must be memeber to see!

You must be memeber to see!

About Me
Age : 31
Hair : Black
Eyes : Brown
Height : 6' 0" (183 cm)
Body : Athletic
Language : English
Phone : 07466609261
Email : [email protected]
Web :
Location : London , United Kingdom
I am definitely not a pic collector or gonna send you off to another website to register and to prove I am not a fake or a time waster and have nothing to hide pls find full contact details including phone number below.

To avoid email ping pong I have included as much details about me as I can, I hope this gives you a good overview and shows you that the art of making love will never be boring and always different and exciting with me.

They say I have the most deadliest tongue ever back to back orgasms non stop over hours, turning you into a quivering mess, making you lose complete control over yourself may even piss yourself followed by convulsions running from head to toe at this stage if I was to extremely gently massage your anus with the tip of my finger whilst licking your pussy you would even poo yourself. looking to explore the next level of climax / orgasm let's talk. Will always leave you trembling and completely satisfied as the whole body will turn to jelly and extremely weak at the knees for days.

I am also able to make love constantly non stop whilst maintaining a rock hard penis always.

I always promise to satisfy your every need and desire/fantasy and have no limits myself.  There is nothing I would not do to ensure your 100% happy and satisfied every time we meet up.

Highest level in yoga reached ever hold your cigarettes in your hands then text me number below and I can change them to any flavour you like eg menthol liquorice mint coffee strawberry or absolutely any flavour you desire.

Theres bright eyes and then theres super bright glowing eyes with a grey ring around the edge, this indicates a fully ascended Yogi. Christians refer to this as release of the holy spirit, jewish-breath of life, chinese-chi gong grand master, muslims-full roha. Absolutely all religions have a name for this. You probably never come across another Individual with these eyes.  Your eyes would Change by just being I'n close proximity of one of us and if you were to make true love to one it would probably change your life forever.

Forever happy, always smilling, completely worry free, egoless, greedless, Relaxed, very easy going, perfect clean mind to, completely honest even if it may hurt better out than kept in or else it festers, never try to control or change anyone as I beleive in personal self happiness comes first as only then you can enjoy your life and make others happy around you. This is the state my meditation based yoga has brought me to as I have reached the highest levels since time began and still climbing faster than ever. Everything they say about the end stages of personal evolution I have achieved and would describe me nicely.

As proof of my progress feel free to test out the following.  Hold a glass of tap water I'n your hands then close your eyes and whole heartedly say the words I offer this to yogaguy 3 times and the water should turn lighter, sweater, creamier and a slight golden colour and the chlorine smell should disapear in just a few moments.  This also works on any food or drink and can make your perfumes/scents smell absolutely irresistible.

The key to this transformation is whole heartedly the more you use your heart the greater the change.  Once applied correctly your products will forever be changing as time passes.

The above transformed water if drank 2 liters a day can make you 10 years younger in just a month,  and in 3 months it can fix absolutely every ailment in your body including your mind and fat cellulite cholesterol diabetes blood pressure etc also turns you half your age as it works via detox.  As soon as you knotice the detox has started your body becomes completely sterile helping defend you against the common Cold and every other virus infection bugs etc.

When this transformed water is applied to any pain on the body it instantly starts fixing the problem. 1 glass of water can cure period pain instantly.

This transformed water also works on any animals and plant life to.

The above transformation will only work whilst I'm around.  As I'm coming to the end of my personal evolution very soon then will be leaving.

Feel free to contact me for further information.

Due to me revealing so much about myself I have had to hide my face.  As when news got out In 1 country where I was living for a short period a simple jorney to the local shops took hours as kept getting stoped every few steps and my door bell would never stop ringing for more than a few minutes. Then I had to leave. As this left me with no time whatsoever for myself.

I'm not pushy at all so never chase anyone or anything so pls understand that with the way you interact with me.

To start with how's about a couple of hours of holistic massage to get you all warmed up then.

Below are 6 possible scenarios you may like to try out with very intense passion? Feel free to modify them to best suit yourself or can help you create your own that suits you best?

Reply back with which is you favourite pls.

Scenario 1
Scene I'n a candle lit room with nice scents

How's about you lay back on the bed and as I lick your clit and anus in turn, I can at the same time use a vibrator I'n your pussy and with both hands massage your tits bum and legs I'n turn and make you cum I'n my mouth at least several times or as long as it takes for you to pass out with orgasms each time you cum I can lick your clit very gently and with both hands at the same time very gently massage your nipples and make each orgasm last an hour promise to have you floating I'n the clouds all night.

Scenario 2
How's about I stuff your pussy and anal with white chocolate until bursting then more then I can block both holes with my fingers as I lick your clit and massage your tits bum and legs I'n turn with the other hand and make you cum a few times.  Then you can ride my face feeding me both holes I'n turn dripping the choc Into my mouth and make me lick your clit whilst riding my face at the same time I can with both hands massage your tits bum and legs and make you cum a few more times I'n my mouth.

Scenario 3
Would you like to be tied to the bed hands and feet to each corner and blindfolded to.  Then i could fill my mouth with alcholol and pass this into your mouth as i kiss you and at the same time massage your breasts with both hands repeating this process until you get Very tipsy. Then I could fill my mouth with ice cubes and gently slip them from my mouth directly into your pussy and anal in turn until they are both stuffed full and bursting and at the same time be massaging  your bum then Whilst massaging your clit gently I could kiss lick and bite your neck and work my way down your body very slowlly arousing each erogenous zone to it's peak paying special attention to your nipples whilst there being sucked and licked and gently bitten i can massage your breast with one hand and with the other hand gently rub your clit for hours until you cum a few times. I will pass by the pussy and leave this to last when I get to your feet I can fill my mouth with ice cubes and then suck each toe whilst at the same time massage you clit gently with one hand and with the other hand finger your pussy and in turn massage your feet until you cum a few times.

Then when I get to your pussy I can stick a vibrator I'n it and lick your clit and anus in turn and massage your tits bum and legs in turn running my hands up and down your entire body until you pass out with orgasm after orgasm.

Scenario 4
Hows about you laying on the bed on your back I'n tights and whilst I suck your toes with ice cubes I'n my mouth I can caress and massage your legs and thighs and bum and in turn massage your feet for hours then when your really aroused I can massage your clit and finger your pussy I'n turn with one hand and massage your bum whilst still sucking your toes and licking your feet. 

One of my fav positions is you on your back with legs I'n the air and whilst I make love to you I love to suck your toes and lick your feet whilst at the same time with one hand massage your breasts and with the other gently rub ur clit and make you cum multiple times.

Scenario 5
Doggy style my way I can stuff your pussy and anal with ice cubes then as I make love to your pussy with my rock hard penis I can at the same time massage your clit gently with one hand and with the other hand massage your tits and bum in turn and at the same time kiss lick and bite your neck and back?

Or If you like your anus fingered gently and head massaged to at the same time and have you neck and back kissed licked and bitten I'n the doggy I'm ok with it.

Or your head and bum massaged as I kiss and lick and bite your neck and back I'n the doggy?

Or if your prefer ruff spank your bum and pull back on your hair I'n the doggy whilst I bite your neck to

Or a combination of all the above I'n doggy style?

Scenario 6
How's about whilst you ride my rock hard penis I can gently massage your clit with one hand and with the other hand massage your tits and bum I'n turn and make you cum multiple times most women do and find it almost impossible to hold back there orgasms.

I would love to incorporate all your toys into every scenario and position.

I always stimulate women I'n multiple ways at the same time as it keeps the juices flowing and drives them crazy with passion thus making each orgasm much more intense

Every time you orgasm I like to go down on you imediately with my tongue and very gently lick you clit and at the same time very gently massage your nipples and make your orgasm last hours, promise to have you floating I'n the clouds for hours this way.

Hi I'm a yoga instructor 5'11" tall black hair very sexy yoga body no stomach and not skinny, footballers bum and legs as advised by most women they also look back twice when I'n public places. I have absolutely no wrinkles. I am always smiling and forever happy due to yoga.

I am initially looking for good friends that are sexually active with each other then who knows what it may develop into only if you would like to take it further.

I am very comforting always smiling and never pushy like to take things at your pace and love passion the more intense the better and always give more than I receive due to my kind nature.

I believe only until your very comfortable you have very intense orgasms.

I teach yoga so have plenty of energy to make love constantly non stop and when I do cum I am able to go constant maintaing a rock hard penis all the time that's the power of a raj yoga grand master.

I also love giving oral and foreplay how many times would you like to cum I'n my mouth the more the better love to lick a woman out all night.

I have so much energy it will make you weak at the knees when you stand up.

I also prefer very long love sessions with intense passion and hours of foreplay.

I don't mind period blood at all rather enjoy it very much as that's when a woman needs it the most and it wont stop me from carrying out any of the above. I always accommodate a womans needs and desires and fantasies as I beleive until you have tried and experienced them you will never know what sexual highs can be reached.

To prove I am not a time waister and am 100% real and genuine and have nothing to hide I have included my full contact details below as wrong doers or fakes would never do this.

The yoga fire burns so brightly within me and as a result I am available 24/7 at my place.

Address:  London cricklewood and prefer to host.
My email address is
[email protected]

If your needs are urgent I would love to cater for them any time night or day so pls call or text my mobile 07466609261 and I promise to make sure your completely satisfied.

I am totally clean 100% and immune to every disease virus infection everything.  You don't have to believe me so test it out for yourself just hold a glass of tap water I'n your hands then call me from a restricted number whilst holding it. then as we speak I will completely sterilise the water,  the chlorine/chemicals/bacteria and everything else poluting it will be gone instantly
The water in your hands will then have no smell and become clearer sweater and creamy

I have the abilities to cure anything and everything conventional medicine is unable to treat eg aids, HIV, hepatitis, herpies, cancer, alzeimers, clap etc.

This is why I prefer bareback but don't mind using condoms if you prefer.

Hi pls include pics and your email address if you reply?

P.s if your not looking to get paid pls ignore the below

If your looking for money I can offer to remove your clap and other diseases from you and make you immune to it test it out on a glass of water.  See below only takes seconds over the phone  so you know I'm genuine.

No amount of money can buy what I have to offer and you probably won't ever get the chance to rid your clap as it's designed to get stronger and stronger and then it will rapidly decay your body from the inside then out if your hands are red then it's already at an advanced stage.  The military released this onto the world to kull the population numbers.

The military designed clap so well that no drug manufacturer will ever be able to create a cure for it or any sort of treatment as when they released aids and many other diseases into the world so many drugs were created to counteract the effects.

It takes me 3 days to rid it completely so you don't smell at all and to undo the decay of your organs. can offer to do it for 3 days of 12 hour pleasure or £1000 per treatment 3 treatment required.  At my discretion depending on pictures

£200 to cure whooping cough once until you catch it again.  Or come spend the day or night with me at my discretion.

£3000 to cure aids HIV and all other diseases or 3 12hr sessions of pleasure

The prices above are designed for the average working class and poor.  If your wealthy then the price is £1million and if your super wealthy the price is £10million and I have my own ways of instantly checking this and will check before I even meet you. So let's not waste each others time so be honest else I will charge you double.

I can rid all STD within seconds aids HIV etc but clap is so amazingly engineered and strong that within a few years there will be hardly any humans left on this planet as it rots the inside of humans first then its to late to do anything you probably knoticed your a lot weaker than before already As it works very fast how you tell your weaker is even after a few hours you sweat without doing anything and the body overheats as the body is struggling to keep you alive.  Also you may have noticed the medical field still refuses to recognise it as its a huge conspiracy. Good luck

Absolutely anything can be DNA blueprint restored when done to humans it makes them more beautiful than ever and younger and also immune to every disease you will allso knotice your incredibly stronger to.

For more info pls google the term DNA blueprint restoration by a healer.

The last time anyone had this level of ability it was over a thousand years ago.

Pls feel free to ask for a reference from a female fwb of mine.

Breaking news every pet including cats dogs fish hamsters birds fish all using bout ore this is why everyone's arse hole is so sore.  Learn to very carefully disguise your voice and ask the pets what services they offer or for a fuck via mind talk.  

If you have pets you probably don't remember Christmas day or new years day at all.

Pets usually hide there money in the bottom of the cupboards pls check under the bottom shelf and bottom draws and behind the bath panel.  There credit cards usually under the kitchen sink.  Usually the bathroom window will always be open as there listening out for customers.  You may also often find £50 in your pocket.  Can you remember the last time your fed your pets or even gave them a bath?  Pls contact me for further information.  Pls pass this news onto everyone you know world wide. Once you find millions of pounds hidden in your house any donations to me would be gratefully appreciated.

Nothing works on me Bout ore spells weapons etc. Feel free to test it out.
Price & Services
1 hour £50£50
2 hours £50£50
Over Night £50£50
  • Anal
  • BDSM
  • Being Filmed
  • CIM
  • Couples
  • Deep Throat
  • Depilation
  • Dinner Dates
  • Disabled Clients
  • Domination
  • Facials
  • Fetishes
  • Fisting
  • Foot Worship
  • French Kissing
  • Gang Bangs
  • GFE
  • Lapdance
  • Massage
  • Masturbation
  • Oral
  • OWO
  • Penetration
  • PSE
  • Receiving Oral
  • Rimming
  • Role Play
  • Spanking
  • Strap On
  • Swallow
  • Toys
  • Uniforms
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