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Hi I am Marlene from Somerset UK, I am married but love having sex outside. Marlene xx


What is your favourite sex positions and why?

Well my Favourite positions Missionary (I like missionary because it's the most comfortable position, and because I like to feel the guy's weight on top of me. But that's because I like being dominated (in a good way) We can kiss more easily throughout, (2) for me, at least, especially if I've got a pillow under my back, it totally hits the right spot) My second favorite is cowboy style, especially if the guy has a big one. That way, I can guide him in slowly, and take it at my own pace. It also gives me more of an opportunity to move around and try to hit the right spot. I hate doggie style. It's so impersonal, and it hurts the most. There's no emotional connection at all. The Padlock Pretty much the perfect position, standing makes everything so much easier for both parties. The man can get more purchase to thrust, and the lady can have a nice surface to rest her bottom on. Wrapping her legs around him also means penetration is deeper and WAY more satisfying. Capable of going fast or taking it slow, this is the crème de la crème of sex positions. The Curled Angel A bit sweet and sickly, this one is for those of you who love a cuddle. Intimate as it comes, just make sure your lady puts her hair up in a bun, else you’ll get a face full of hair. It doesn’t matter how good it smells, it gets annoying very quickly. The Rocking Horse On old favourite, this one is ideal for deep penetration. The woman on top needs to do all the work in this position though, so avoid if she’s a bit lazy in the sack. Done right, this is the real deal. The Reverse Cowgirl The Reverse Cowgirl, this one is for all you men who love a peachy bum. Girls, if you haven’t tried this. The Nirvana No, it’s not The Missionary position, this is a nice twist on the boring and played-out. This time round the person on the bottom closes their legs. Why? It makes everything tighter and of course adds to the sensation. The only real problem is that closed legs means slipping out is a real concern. The Splitting Bamboo Now this one is fun. We’ve all done this, but we might not have heard the name before. Raising her leg like that allows for deeper penetration, plus you get face to face with your partner – which is always a certified winner in the bedroom. The Crossed Keys Fun for both parties, the girl crosses her legs, which of course makes everything extra tight and extra enjoyable. This position is definitely one to try out. The Spider This one is a certified championship winning pose. With lots of pelvic thrusting and sweat, you can have a really wild time playing spiders. xxxxxx


What is your favourite sex positions and why?

Misionary, oral (when someone suck my cock/when I'm licking pussy), 69, cowgirl/reverse covgirl, The Sultry Saddle, Standing up, Woman on top, Speed bump, Doggy style, Corridor Canoodling, The Man Trap, Magic Bullet, Tight Squeeze, Half off the bed, The Organ Grinder, The Wraparound, Legs on Shoulders and many others


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